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Introduction One of Pakistans most common and widely used commercial fish is the queen fish or Saram Queenfish also known as saram is a cheap fish that caterers and fish shacks frequently utilize One of the large fish with a flat appearance is the queen fish which produces lovely fillet and boneless biscuits In Pakistan queen fish is widely available and costs a consistent amount all year long Taste Profile Queen fish has satisfying flavor and solid white meat that is prone to dryness If cooked carefully and with the right combination of spices and herbs queen fish can perform well Nomenclature Queen Fish in English Localized as Aal Alri and Saram Scombroids commersonnianus is the scientific name for Queen Fish Habitat Queen Fish are sea creatures that typically reside in tiny groups on offshore islands and reefs Catching Technique Using gillnets hook lines and bottom trawling queen fish are captured Physical Qualities Queen Fish possesses scales however they are difficult to see with the unaided eye and are also difficult to remove Strongly compressed body without caudal peduncle grooves or scutes 815 rudiments excluded gill rakers on the first gill arch Color Dorsally the head and body are dusky green to bluish Below they are grey to silvery with occasionally huge golden yellow tones Size The size range for queen fish is typically 1 kilogram to 5 kg per species Other sizes are occasionally offered though Cutting Favorites For slices boneless fillets boneless biscuits and boneless fingers Queen Fish is preferred Cutting Yields Approx Whole 100 Gone 82 65 were headless and gutted Cuts 75 Unboned 47 Favorite Recipes It is preferred to grill barbecue fry steam and bake queen fish Health Advantages Friendly to the heart Blood Pressure is Reduced Increases immunity Bolsters the bones Betters the health of the skin and hair

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