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Rohu Fish Rohu Fish is a popular freshwater fish that is prized for its tender flesh mild flavor and nutritional benefits Sourced from the freshwater rivers of South Asia our rohu fish is caught using sustainable fishing practices and packed with care to ensure the highest quality product possible Rohu fish is a rich source of high quality protein omega 3 fatty acids vitamins B6 and B12 and minerals such as iron zinc and phosphorus Its tender flesh makes it perfect for curries stir fries or grilled preparations and its mild flavor pairs well with a variety of spices and herbs Our rohu fish is cleaned gutted and packed fresh so you can enjoy its fresh taste and health benefits It is also a popular choice for fish soup and stews Product Details Product Type Fresh Fish Product Name Fresh Rohu Fish Package Contents 1 lb 16 oz of fresh rohu fish Processing Cleaned Gutted and Packed Fresh Storage Keep refrigerated at 0 4°C Expiration Best consumed within 2 3 days of delivery Origin Sourced from South Asian freshwater rivers Order our fresh rohu fish today and savor the tender flesh and health benefits of this delicious freshwater fish Cutting Preferences Rahu is preferred for Slices only as the boneless fillet will make it difficult to deal with the bones Approx Cutting Yields Whole 100 Gutted 80 Headless and Gutted 65 Slices 60 Boneless 35 Cooking Preferences Most cooking methods suitable for a large fish can be used for Rohu It remains firm enough to steam and pan fries just fine with a light dusting of rice flour It is tender so while simmering for 10 to 15 minutes is fine a rapid boil or much longer cooking is likely to break it up

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