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Introduction Emperor Mulla tastes and looks like Snappers but is less well known in Pakistan than other wonderful fish Emperor Mulla is renowned in Gulf hence Pakistan exports most emperors to Gulf However Pakistanis can only get it at Aswad Seafood Pakistan which is a one stop online seafood store and we delivery fresh seafood including fish prawns lobsters crabs oysters fish boneless and much more The emperor may be cooked in many ways and is odorless Flavor Profile Emperor tastes mild yet unique and is liked by all ages Cooks stiff nearly chewy and hard to flake on the platter Emperor meat may harden if overdone Nomenclature Emperor Spangled Emperor Local Name Mullah Sherry Gadeer Scientific Name Lethrinus Nebulosus Habitat Emperor sea fish inhabit nearshore and offshore coral reefs lagoons seagrass meadows mangrove swamps and coastal sand and rock Catching Method Emperor is captured with gillnets and hooks Physical Qualities Body of Emperor has scales Body depth 2529 in SL snout length 1824 in head length snout length without lip 081 in cheek height lateral teeth in jaws rounded with points or molars that frequently have tubercles inner surface of pectoral fin base thickly scaled Color Emperors have whitish or yellowish fins dusky pelvic fins reddish dorsal fin edges and yellowish or bronze bodies with lighter below Size Emperor fish average 05 kilogram to 3 kg However different sizes are sometimes available Cutting Styles Emperor is best for Slices Fillets Biscuits and Fingers Approx Cutting Yields Whole 100 Gutted 80 Headless and gutted 65 Slices 70 Boneless 40 Preferences for cooking Grill BBQ fry steam and bake Emperor Health benefits Heart friendly Blood Pressure Lowers Upgrades Immune System Strengthens bones Skin and hair health improve

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