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Introduction If you have ever traveled to the Middle East or Gulf you have likely encountered Hamour Ghissar fish on the menus of upscale restaurants there Hamour a very hefty fish is one of Pakistans main marine exports Hamour Ghissar is a diverse group of fish and numerous species of Hamour are prevalent in Pakistan Because of its delicate flavor Hamour is a very versatile culinary ingredient that is adored around the globe Taste Profile Hamour is a slender succulent fish with a distinct but mellow flavor The flesh of the Hamour has sizable fragments and a robust texture The flavor profile of Hamour is comparable to that of Barramundi and Halibut Despite its leanness this fish is forgiving during preparation and can be difficult to overcook in the sense of becoming desiccated Fillets can be poached successfully if handled gingerly and they flake apart very easily on the plate It is simple to entirely debone and is the ideal fish for the most delicate culinary situations The classification Names in English Hamour Grouper Gissar Chunni Nambo and Lotari are the local names in this region The scientific name for this species is Epinephelus bleekeri Clan Serranidae Natural habitat Hamour is a species of marine fish that inhabits the littoral zone on shallow banks and adjacent porous substrate at depths between 30 and 105 meters Obtaining Method Gillnets and Line Gears are used to catch Hamour Physical Qualities Hamour is covered in Scales The body depth is 3035 inches SL the preopercle is serrate with 29 enlarged serrates at the angle the anal fin has 3 spines and 89 soft rays the pectoral fin has 1719 rays and the caudal fin margin is truncated to slightly convex The Color The head body dorsal fin and upper third of the caudal fin are covered in numerous black brown patches approximately half the pupil diameter in adults Size The average Hamour fish weighs between 1 kg and 5 kg However occasionally other sizes are also available Cutting Preferences Hamour is favored for slicing boneless billets boneless biscuits and boneless finger meat Approximate Meat After Cutting Whole 100 percent Aborted 84 61 of the population lacks a head 67 of the total amount of slices Without bones 38 Cooking Recommendations Hamour is preferred to grilling barbecuing currying steaming and frying Health Advantages Friendly to the Reducing Blood Pressure Enhances the Immune System Bone strengthening Enhances Hair and Skin health

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