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The lobster is the king of the Arabian Sea. It is also called rock lobster, Indian lobster, and spiny lobster. Lobster has been a sign of luxury for a long time because of its thick but tender meat, its rich flavor, and the fact that people want it more and more. It is a piece of meat that can be used in many different recipes from all over the world.   The size you get: About 100 to 500 grams. Note: All of our prices and bills are based on the weight of the fish before it is cleaned or cut. Depending on the type of cleaning you choose, the net weight at the time of delivery will be different.

Slipper Lobster – Kiket Lobster


Recommendations for Peeling

We recommend lobster to be peel as fully peeled and tail-on.

Meat As Per Peeling Method

Tail-on : 35% Fully Peeled : 30%