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Introduction The Eel Fish Baam is a species of fish without pelvic and pectoral fins not a snake at all They are a great source of super healthy omega 3 fatty acids much like fish Additionally they are an excellent source of iron calcium magnesium potassium selenium manganese and other minerals Its a fish that resembles a snake and is quite popular in Pakistans Punjab province The biggest and heaviest member of the eel family the conger eel typically grows to a length of 5 to 8 feet They are widely available and in high demand in the Arabian Sea Its more likely that youve already had conger eels in Lahores Gawalmandi food street Taste Profile Conger eel also known as baam fish has a little sea bass like sweetness to the flavor Eel should not smell fishy or earthy when cooked properly and should be light fluffy and flaky Nomenclature Conger eel or eel in English Localized name Baam Congridae according to science Habitat Sea fish known as conger eels may be found in the Arabian Seas tropical subtropical and temperate waters Conger eels dont travel great distances to breed and spawn as other eels do Catching Technique Both bottom trawls and gillnets are used to catch conger eel Physical Qualities The body of a conger eel is entirely devoid of scales Their heads are down and their bodies are lengthy They have broad mouths deep gill slits and powerful teeth Color Conger eels are typically grey to black although they can also have blue black bodies whiter undersides and occasionally mottling Size The size range of a conger eel is typically 2 to 5 kilogram per animal Other sizes however are sporadically accessible as well Cutting Favorites It is ideal for peel off slices due to its strong skin Cutting Yields Approx Whole 100 100 destroyed 65 were headless and gutted Cuts 55 40 are boneless Favorite Recipes Eel Baam is preferable to grilling stewing and deep frying Health Advantages Heart friendly Reduces Blood Pressure and Boosts Immunity bolsters the bones betters the health of the skin and hair

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