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Introduction Flathead Fish or Kukkar fish is a cheap delicious dinner fish with great meat Steamed poached pan fried or grilled Many say its the greatest Arabian sea fish for fish n chips Flathead Kukkar is eaten with chips and tartare or mayonnaise and has juicy flaky and soft sweet meat that tends to dry out with typical cooking methods Flavor Profile Flathead meat is white and delicious tougher than channel catfish Like lobster when grilled Nomenclature Flathead English Local Kukkar Scientific Platycephalidae The Flathead sea fish inhabits Benthic locations with sand or coral rubble bottoms as its primary habitat Catching Method Gillnets and bottom trawls catch flathead Physical Qualities Flathead fish is scaled The head is fairly depressed and the body is lengthy Flathead has 3 preopercular spines The vomer contains two patches of teeth The flathead is usually grey or brown with a white body underneath Size Flathead fish average 02 kilogram to 1 kg However bigger sizes are sometimes available Cutting Styles Slices boneless fillets and fingers favor flathead Approx Cutting Yields Whole 100 Gutted 80 Headless and gutted 60 Slices 60 Boneless 37 Preferences for cooking Kids prefer flathead to fried and tempura style fish n chips Health benefits Healthy for the heart lowers blood pressure and boosts immunity Strengthens bones Skin and hair health improve

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