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Tiger Prawns (10-13 Prawns Per Kg)

Would you like to have best of the best prawns?. Our Recommendation is Tiger prawns, beautiful king size prawns from Arabian sea to Fish Harbor and from Fish Harbor to Your Door Steps. Try Taste of The Nature!   Recommendations for Peeling :- Our Recommendations from Peeling methods are tail-on or fully Peeled. Meat You Will Get As Per Peeling Style :- Full : 100% Headless : 70 % Tail On : 53-55 % Fully Peeled : 50 %  

Squids – Maiya

Squids are highly consumed seafood in Asia Pacific. It is likely to serve in Italian dishes.

Javelin Grunter | Dhotar Fish

Don't Forger to order your fresh and premium grunter-Dhotar from Aswad Seafood. We guaranteed that we will deliver you fresh seafood at your door step.

Blue Swimmer Crab | Kekra

Size you get: 120 -250 grams Note: All our prices and billings are based on pre cleaning/cutting weight of the seafood. The net weight at the time of delivery will be dependent on type of cutting you choose.

Parrot Fish | Tota Fish


Parrot Fish - Tota Fish

Parrot Fish - Tota Fish are marine fish species that are quite popular with the community. This fish has a lot of nutritional content for health, which is a low-fat protein source. In addition, this fish also contains omega 3 and omega 6 which is good for brain growth. Did you know that if you eat a lot of fatty foods, your body becomes susceptible to illnesses such as coronary heart disease, cholesterol, gout, and stroke? If it has been attacked by all the diseases, surely human life will experience a decline in productivity and vitality.
The size you get: 500 grams – 2 kg per fish

Blue Mussels

Mussels are very Beneficial for health and immune system because it is high source of Vitamin and Minerals.

Stingray | Pittan Fish

The unusual flavor and texture of Aswad Seafood's stingray make it a seafood delicacy. Size: 1–5 kilogram per fish. Note: All seafood pricing and billings are based on pre-cleaning/cutting weight. The type of cleaning you pick will determine the shipping weight.