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Introduction Stingray also known as pittan or pittan fish in Pakistan Indonesia and other countries in Asia It is a renowned seafood dish recognized for its distinct flavor and texture Few people would refuse a temptingly easy piece of grilled fresh stingray Their uniform rows of pleasantly sweet and sticky flesh deliciously slippery skin and complete lack of bones make eating even easier Oh and that crunchy chewy middle contains cartilage which some people say might assist with creaking painful joints Stingrays are linked to sharks and are found in all tropical seas Approximately 90 of the stingray caught in Pakistan is transported to Malaysia Thailand Indonesia and China Profile of Flavor Stingrays have a moderate flavor firm meat and a high collagen content which gives them a distinct texture when cooked When cooked the flesh becomes off white from light beige to pinkish Overcooking will cause the meat to crack along the separations Nomenclature English names include stingray ray fish and skate Local names include Pittan Papri and Gadam Myliobatoidei is the scientific name for this species Habitat Stingrays are sea fish that may be found in cold and temperate oceans as well as deep tropical waters all over the world Method of Capture Bottom trawls and gillnets are used to capture them Physical Characteristics Their bodies are flattened and made up of pectoral fins attached to their head and trunk with an iconic tail trailing behind The stingrays eyes are located on its dorsal side while its mouth nose and gill slits are located on its underside Appearance Stingrays are shaped like kites and come in a variety of hues although the majority are brownish gray Size The average stingray weight ranges from 1 kilogram to 5 kg per animal Other sizes however are infrequently available Preferences for Cleaning Stringray is ideal for skinning wings and boneless finger cuts Cleaning Yields Approx Whole 100 Skinned Wings 30 Fingers with no bones 30 Preferences in the Kitchen Most stingray recipes call for pan frying however others call for poaching In any event keep in mind that stingray meat is not only fragile but also deeply grooved allowing for rapid heat penetration Take care not to overcook your meat especially while poaching as it may come apart on the corrugations Health Advantages of Stingray Beneficial for the heart Reduces Blood Pressure Enhances the Immune System Strengthened Bone Enhances the health of the skin and hair

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