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Introduction Locally called Daathi dentex fish are closely similar to Red Snapper Heera and Grunter Dhotar in terms of taste and appearance Although it is extremely seasonal Dentex Daathi is noted for having excellent fish for frying and curry Coastal locations are where daathi is typically captured A Daathi that weighs more than 1 kg is regarded as being excellent for all sorts of culinary needs Daathi is not frequently found in stores and roadside fishmongers since it is not a common catch in Pakistani waters Taste Profile In addition to being a fantastic game fish dentex is also well known for its flavor and scent When cooked properly its hard flaky pinkish white meat transforms into highly juicy Habitat The typical habitat of dentex is shallow water less than 50 meters deep Nomenclature Dentex also known as Common Dentex Localized as Daathi Dentex scientific name Catching Technique Gillnets hand lines and bottom trawls are all used to catch dentex Physical Qualities The bodys ovary which is quite deep and compacted The heads profile is gently rounded in adults but virtually straight in young people a small frontal decrease in those who are quite massive Small eyes with a vast suborbital space Falling cheeks On the preamp all but the anterior border scales are visible facedown and a little oblique Color When sexual maturity is reached immature Dentex specimens become pink Older individuals have blue gray and darker markings that more or less spread with age Size The size range for Dentex fish is typically 1 kilogram to 5 kg Other sizes are occasionally offered though Cutting Favorites All cutting is preferred to be done using Dentex Cutting Yields Approx Whole 100 Gone 82 70 are headless and gutted Cuts 65 Boneless40 Favorite Recipes Dentex is preferable to deep frying and grilling Health Advantages friendly to the heart Blood Pressure is Reduced increases immunity bolsters the bones betters the health of the skin and hair

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